This page is an illustration from Joerg Sigle's Programming Portfolio.

It shows a plain text directory listing as produced by emufsreader

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* SC-JMS Emu Ultra Filesystem Reader            *
* (c) 20070524 - 20070608 by Dr. Joerg M. Sigle *
* Version 0.2           *

Option --nobtype set: Bank type is not printed.
Option --noetype set: Element type is not printed.
Option --nonumen set: 'Number of entries' lines are not printed.
Option --nothisb set: 'This [banktype]...' lines are not printed.
Option --nocolex set: Column explanations are not printed.

Processing image file: /dev/dvd
OK: The supplied image file may contain an E-mu HD or CD filesystem.

This medium contains the following banks:

  F000   Designed by S&M.

    B000   Volume 8/Vintage
    B001   Tone Wheel Organ
    B002   Electric Pianos 
    B003   Electric Organs 
    B004   Prophet Five    
    B005   ARP Synths I    
    B006   ARP Synths II   
    B007   Moog Synths     
    B008   OB Synths       
    B009   Jupiter Synths  
    B010   Juno Synths     
    B011   Classic Guitars 
    B012   Chapman Stick   
    B013   Electro Perc    

This medium contains the following elements:

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B000   Volume 8/Vintage

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B001   Tone Wheel Organ

      P000   B3 Grunge Wheel 
      P001   Rock Chorus     
      P002   Rock Percussion 
      P003   B3 Grunge CHP   
      P004   Rock Chorus CHP 
      P005   Rock Perc CHP   
      P006   B3 Mello Wheel  
      P007   Mello Chorus    
      P008   Mello Perc Wheel
      P009   B3 Mello CHP    
      P010   Mello Chorus CHP
      P011   Mello Perc CHP  
      P012   B3 Mid Bar Wheel
      P013   MidBar Chorus   
      P014   MidBar Perc Whl 
      P015   B3 Mid Bar CHP  
      P016   MidBar Chors CHP
      P017   MidBar Perc CHP 
      P018   B3 HiBar Wheel  
      P019   HiBar Chorus Whl
      P020   HiBar Perc Wheel
      P021   B3 HiBar CHP    
      P022   HiBar Chorus CHP
      P023   HiBar Perc CHP  
      P024   B3 Full Wheel   
      P025   Full Chorus Whl 
      P026   Full Perc Wheel 
      P027   B3 Full CHP     
      P028   Full Chorus CHP 
      P029   Full Perc CHP   
      P030   Mello+Wave 1/Whl
      P031   Mello+Wave 4/Whl
      P032   Mello+Wave 6/Whl
      P033   Mello+Wave 8/Whl
      P034   Mello+Wave11/Whl
      P035   LoChorus1 BarWhl
      P036   LoChorus2 BarWhl
      P037   LoChorus3 BarWhl
      P038   LoChorus4 BarWhl
      P039   LoChorus5 BarWhl
      P040   LoChorus6 BarWhl
      P041   LoChorus1 BarCHP
      P042   LoChorus2 BarCHP
      P043   LoChorus3 BarCHP
      P044   LoChorus4 BarCHP
      P045   LoChorus5 BarCHP
      P046   LoChorus6 BarCHP
      P047   Unreal Bee 1 CHP
      P048   Unreal Bee 2 CHP
      P049   Unreal Bee 3 CHP
      P050   Unreal Bee 4 CHP
      P051   B3 dist-lo-slow 
      P061   B3 dist-lo-fast 
      P062   B3 mello-lo-slow
      P063   B3 mello-lo-fast
      P064   B3 mid-slow     
      P065   B3 mid-fast     
      P066   B3 hi-slow      
      P067   B3 hi-fast      
      P068   B3 full-slow    
      P069   B3 full-fast    
      P070   B3 percussion   
      P071   Oct 1 Sine      
      P072   HF Feedthru     
      P073   B3 Wave 1       
      P074   B3 Wave 2       
      P075   B3 Wave 3       
      P076   B3 Wave 4       
      P077   B3 Wave 5       
      P078   B3 Wave 6       
      P079   B3 Wave 7       
      P080   B3 Wave 8       
      P081   B3 Wave 9       
      P082   B3 Wave 10      
      P083   B3 Wave 11      
      P084   Sampleing by: > 
      P095   Herb Jimmerson  
      P096   Compilation & > 
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Frederick D. Joy
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   B3LoDistSlowA1  
      S002   B3LoDistSlowF#2 
      S003   B3LoDistSlowD#3 
      S004   B3LoDistSlowC4  
      S005   B3LoDistSlowA4  
      S006   B3LoDistSlowF#5 
      S007   B3LoDistFastF#1 
      S008   B3LoDistFastC2  
      S009   B3LoDistFastF#2 
      S010   B3LoDistFastC3  
      S011   B3LoDistFastF#3 
      S012   B3LoDistFastC4  
      S013   B3LoDistFastF#4 
      S014   B3LoDistFastC5  
      S015   B3LoDistFastF#5 
      S016   B3LoDistFastC6  
      S017   Low Slow A1     
      S018   Low Slow F#2    
      S019   Low Slow D#3    
      S020   Low Slow C4     
      S021   Low Slow A4     
      S022   Low Slow F#5    
      S023   Mid Fast F#1    
      S024   Mid Fast C2     
      S025   Mid Fast F#2    
      S026   Mid Fast C3     
      S027   Mid Fast F#3    
      S028   Mid Fast C4     
      S029   Mid Fast F#4    
      S030   Mid Fast C5     
      S031   Mid Fast F#5    
      S032   Mid Fast C6     
      S033   Mid Slow A1     
      S034   Mid Slow F#2    
      S035   Mid Slow D#3    
      S036   Mid Slow C4     
      S037   Mid Slow A4     
      S038   Mid Slow F#5    
      S039   Mid Fast F#1    
      S040   Mid Fast C2     
      S041   Mid Fast F#2    
      S042   Mid Fast C3     
      S043   Mid Fast F#3    
      S044   Mid Fast C4     
      S045   Mid Fast F#4    
      S046   Mid Fast C5     
      S047   Mid Fast F#5    
      S048   Mid Fast C6     
      S049   Hi Slow A1      
      S050   Hi Slow F#2     
      S051   Hi Slow D#3     
      S052   Hi Slow C4      
      S053   Hi Slow A4      
      S054   Hi Slow F#5     
      S055   Hi Fast F#1     
      S056   Hi Fast C2      
      S057   Hi Fast F#2     
      S058   Hi Fast C3      
      S059   Hi Fast F#3     
      S060   Hi Fast C4      
      S061   Hi Fast F#4     
      S062   Hi Fast C5      
      S063   Hi Fast F#5     
      S064   Hi Fast C6      
      S065   Full Slow A1    
      S066   Full Slow F#2   
      S067   Full Slow D#3   
      S068   Full Slow C4    
      S069   Full Slow A4    
      S070   Full Slow F#5   
      S071   Full Fast F#1   
      S072   Full Fast C2    
      S073   Full Fast F#2   
      S074   Full Fast C3    
      S075   Full Fast F#3   
      S076   Full Fast C4    
      S077   Full Fast F#4   
      S078   Full Fast C5    
      S079   Full Fast F#5   
      S080   Full Fast C6    
      S081   Percussion A1   
      S082   Percussion F#2  
      S083   Percussion D#3  
      S084   Percussion C4   
      S085   Percussion A4   
      S086   Percussion F#5  
      S087   Sine Wave E4    
      S088   Non-Pitch C3    
      S089   B3Wave2 F#3     
      S090   B3WV4 F#3       
      S091   B3WV6 F#3       
      S092   B3 Wave 7 F#3   
      S093   B3 Wave 9 F#3   
      S094   B3 Wave 10 F#3  
      S095   B3 Wave 8 F#3   
      S096   B3 Wave 12 F#3  
      S097   B3 Wave 14 F#3  
      S098   B3 Wave 15 F#3  
      S099   B3 Wave 18 F#3  

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B002   Electric Pianos 

      P000   Mark I Xswitch  
      P001   Mark I XswChorus
      P002   Mark I Xsw Pan  
      P003   Mark I Xfade    
      P004   Mark I Xfade Chr
      P005   Mark I Xfade Pan
      P006   Tiney Mark I    
      P007   Tiney Mark I Chr
      P008   Honky Mark I    
      P009   Honky Chorus    
      P010   Suitcase Rhodes 
      P011   Suitcase Chorus 
      P012   Suitcase Pan    
      P013   MarkI/Suitcase 1
      P014   MarkI/Suit Chr 1
      P015   MarkI/Suitcase 2
      P016   MarkI/Suit Chr 2
      P017   Dyno'd Rhodes   
      P018   Dyno Rhodes Chr 
      P019   Dyno'd Mark I   
      P020   Dyno Mark I Chr 
      P021   Dyno'd Hard Mark
      P022   Dyno/Mark Chorus
      P023   Old Brown Wurli 
      P024   Brown Wurli Chr 
      P025   Brown Wurli Trem
      P026   Basic Clavinet  
      P027   Muted Clavinet  
      P028   Wah Clav Bass 1 
      P029   Wah Clav Bass 2 
      P030   Wah Clav Bass 3 
      P031   Clavinet Bass   
      P032   Muted Clav Bass 
      P033   DX Crystal EP   
      P034   Crystal Chorus  
      P035   DX Dyno Rhodes  
      P036   DX Dyno Chorus  
      P037   DX Dyno/Crystal 
      P038   Dyno/Xtal Chorus
      P039   FM Tine Piano   
      P040   Tine Chorus     
      P041   FM Tine Pan     
      P042   FM Pianobell    
      P043   Pianobell Chorus
      P044   Pianobell Pan   
      P045   Compilation & > 
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Frederick D. Joy
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   sftrodec1       
      S002   Sine Wave E4    

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B003   Electric Organs 

      P000   Vox I           
      P001   Vox II          
      P002   Vox III         
      P003   Farfisa Combo 2 
      P004   Farfisa Combo 3 
      P005   Farfisa Combo 4 
      P006   Farfisa Combo 5 
      P007   Farfisa Combo 6 
      P008   Farfisa Combo 7 
      P009   Farfisa         
      P010   Farfisa Chorus  
      P011   Vox I Chorus    
      P012   Vox II Chorus   
      P013   Vox III Chorus  
      P014   Farf Combo 2 Chr
      P015   Farf Combo 3 Chr
      P016   Farf Combo 5 Chr
      P017   Farf Combo 6 Chr
      P018   Vox I Oct       
      P019   Vox II Oct      
      P020   Vox III Oct     
      P021   FarfisaCombo2Oct
      P022   FarfisaCombo3Oct
      P023   FarfisaCombo4Oct
      P024   FarfisaCombo5Oct
      P025   FarfisaCombo6Oct
      P026   FarfisaCombo7Oct
      P027   Farfisa Oct     
      P028   Vox I & II      
      P029   Farfisa & Combo5
      P030   VoxIII & Farfisa
      P031   Farfisa 2 & 7   
      P032   Farfisa 3 & 4   
      P033   Farfisa 6 & Vox3
      P034   Farfisa & Combo3
      P035   Farf&Combo5Sweep
      P036   VoxIII&FarfSweep
      P037   Farfisa/VoxSweep
      P038   Vox Synth       
      P039   Vox/FarfisaSynth
      P040   Hippie Organ    
      P041   Floating Farfisa
      P042   Compilation by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Gunnar Amundson 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   Vox 1 G1        
      S002   Vox 1 C2        
      S003   Vox 1 G2        
      S004   Vox 1 C3        
      S005   Vox 1 G3        
      S006   Vox 1 C4        
      S007   Vox 2 G1        
      S008   Vox 2 C2        
      S009   Vox 2 G2        
      S010   Vox 2 C3        
      S011   Vox 2 G3        
      S012   Vox 2 C4        
      S013   Vox 3 C1        
      S014   Vox 3 G1        
      S015   Vox 3 C2        
      S016   Vox 3 G2        
      S017   Vox 3 C3        
      S018   Vox 3 G3        
      S019   Vox 3 C4        
      S020   farfcombo2c2    
      S021   farfcombo2e2    
      S022   farfcombo2g2    
      S023   farfcombo2c3    
      S024   farfcombo2e3    
      S025   farfcombo2g3    
      S026   farfcombo2c4    
      S027   farfcombo2e4    
      S028   farfcombo2g4    
      S029   farfcombo2c5    
      S030   farfcombo2e5    
      S031   farfcombo2g5    
      S032   farfcombo2c6    
      S033   farfcombo3e2    
      S034   farfcombo3g2    
      S035   farfcombo3c3    
      S036   farfcombo3e3    
      S037   farfcombo3g3    
      S038   farfcombo3c4    
      S039   farfcombo3e4    
      S040   farfcombo3g4    
      S041   farfcombo3c5    
      S042   farfcombo3e5    
      S043   farfcombo3g5    
      S044   farfcombo3c6    
      S045   farfcombo4c2    
      S046   farfcombo4e2    
      S047   farfcombo4g2    
      S048   farfcombo4c3    
      S049   farfcombo4e3    
      S050   farfcombo4g3    
      S051   farfcombo4c4    
      S052   farfcombo4e4    
      S053   farfcombo4g4    
      S054   farfcombo4c5    
      S055   farfcombo4e5    
      S056   farfcombo4g5    
      S057   farfcombo4c6    
      S058   farfcombo5c2    
      S059   farfcombo5e2    
      S060   farfcombo5g2    
      S061   farfcombo5c3    
      S062   farfcombo5e3    
      S063   farfcombo5g3    
      S064   farfcombo5c4    
      S065   farfcombo5e4    
      S066   farfcombo5g4    
      S067   farfcombo5c5    
      S068   Farfcombo6c2    
      S069   farfcombo6e2    
      S070   farfcombo6g2    
      S071   farfcombo6c3    
      S072   farfcombo6e3    
      S073   farfcombo6g3    
      S074   farfcombo6c4    
      S075   farfcombo6e4    
      S076   farfcombo6g4    
      S077   farfcombo6c5    
      S078   farfcombo6e5    
      S079   farfcombo6g5    
      S080   farfcombo6c6    
      S081   farfcombo7c2    
      S082   farfcombo7e2    
      S083   farfcombo7g2    
      S084   farfcombo7c3    
      S085   farfcombo7e3    
      S086   farfcombo7g3    
      S087   farfcombo7c4    
      S088   farfcombo7e4    
      S089   farfcombo7g4    
      S090   farfcombo7c5    
      S091   farfcombo7e5    
      S092   farfcombo7g5    
      S093   Farfisa EvensA#2

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B004   Prophet Five    

      P000   Profit 20 Synth 
      P001   Prophet V Bass  
      P002   Prophet-5 Brass 
      P003   P5 Hard Sync 2  
      P004   Odd Calliope    
      P005   ZarathuString   
      P006   P5 Hard Sync 1  
      P007   Tablura Obscura 
      P008   Fighter Bass    
      P009   Tape Dump Noise 
      P010   Non-Pitched Pad 
      P011   P5 Piper        
      P012   Drum Energy     
      P013   Scratch Bass    
      P014   P5 PulseMod     
      P015   Synth FX 1      
      P016   Synth FX 2      
      P017   Submarine       
      P018   Metalica        
      P019   Big Punchy Brass
      P020   Beast Bass      
      P021   Killer Bass     
      P022   Killer Q Bass   
      P023   Zarathusynth    
      P024   Moving Waves    
      P025   Sync or Swim    
      P026   Brass Pad       
      P027   Compilation by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Gunnar Amundson 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   p5brassc1       
      S002   p5brassf1       
      S003   p5brassax1      
      S004   p5brassdx2      
      S005   p5brassgx2      
      S006   p5brasscx3      
      S007   p5brassfx3      
      S008   p5brassb3       
      S009   p5brasse4       
      S010   p5brassa4       
      S011   p5brassd5       
      S012   p5brassg5       
      S013   p5brassc6       
      S014   p5synczc0       
      S015   p5synczf0       
      S016   p5synczax0      
      S017   p5synczdx1      
      S018   p5synczgx1      
      S019   p5synczcx2      
      S020   p5synczfx2      
      S021   p5synczb2       
      S022   p5syncze3       
      S023   p5syncza3       
      S024   p5synczd4       
      S025   p5synczg4       
      S026   p5synczc5       
      S027   DisObell A1     
      S028   DisObell A2     
      S029   DisObell A3     
      S030   DisObell A4     
      S031   DisObell A5     
      S032   Zarathustra F#1 
      S033   Dan's Synth G1  
      S034   Dan's Synth C#2 
      S035   Dan's Synth G2  
      S036   Dan's Synth C#3 
      S037   Dan's Synth G3  
      S038   Dan's Synth C#4 
      S039   Dan's Synth G4  
      S040   Dan's Synth C#5 
      S041   Zarathustra C2  
      S042   Zarathustra F#2 
      S043   Zarathustra C3  
      S044   Zarathustra F#3 
      S045   Zarathustra C4  
      S046   Zarathustra F#4 
      S047   Zarathustra C5  
      S048   P5 Bass G1      
      S049   P5 Bass C2      
      S050   P5 Bass F2      
      S051   P5 Bass A#2     
      S052   P5 Bass D#3     
      S053   Zarathustra F#5 
      S054   P5 Bass D#4     
      S055   Zarathustra C6  
      S056   P-5 Sync G1     
      S057   P-5 Sync G2     
      S058   P-5 Sync G3     
      S059   P-5 Sync G4     
      S060   P-5 Sync G5     
      S061   P5 Tablura G1   
      S062   P5 Tablura D2   
      S063   P5 Tablura A2   
      S064   5P Tablura E3   
      S065   P5 Tablura B3   
      S066   P5 Tablura F#4  
      S067   Fighter Bass G1 
      S068   Fighter Bass D2 
      S069   Tape Dump Noise 
      S070   DrumEnergy      
      S071   PulseMod2F1     
      S072   PulseMod2C2     
      S073   PulseMod2F2     
      S074   Burst #1        
      S075   Non-Pitch C2    
      S076   Non-Pitch C3    
      S077   PulseMod2C3     
      S078   PulseMod2F3     
      S079   PulseMod2C4     
      S080   Twitter #1      
      S081   Twitter #2      
      S082   Twitter #3      
      S083   Burst #2        
      S084   P5 Piper C3     
      S085   Plink #1        
      S086   Plink/Twitter   
      S087   Submarine       
      S088   Metalica        
      S089   Glunk           
      S090   Scratch Bass C#1
      S091   Scratch Bass F#1
      S092   Scratch Bass B1 
      S093   Scratch Bass E2 
      S094   Scratch Bass A2 
      S095   Sine Wave E4    

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B005   ARP Synths I    

      P000   Pulse Width Mod 
      P001   Sync Sweep      
      P002   Sawtooth Sync   
      P003   LFO Sync Sweep  
      P004   Rumble Rez      
      P005   RezSyncSweep    
      P006   Fixed Sync      
      P007   Analog Bell     
      P008   FM Experiment 1 
      P009   FM Experiment 2 
      P010   PulseWidth Octvs
      P011   Sync Sweep Octvs
      P012   Saw Sync Octaves
      P013   LFO SyncSweepOct
      P014   Rumble Rez Oct  
      P015   RezSyncSweep Oct
      P016   AnalogBell Octvs
      P017   Pulse Width Pad 
      P018   Sync Sweep Pad  
      P019   Kaw Sync Pad    
      P020   LFO SyncSweepPad
      P021   Rumble Rez Pad  
      P022   RezSyncSweep Pad
      P023   Sync Sweep Slow 
      P024   LFOSyncSweepSlow
      P025   Rumble Rez Slow 
      P026   RezSyncSweepSlow
      P027   P/WMod&SyncSweep
      P028   P/W Mod&Saw Sync
      P029   P/W Mod&RumblRez
      P030   SawSync&LFOSweep
      P031   RmblRez&LFOSweep
      P032   Bell & LFO Sweep
      P033   FM Exp 1 Short  
      P034   Perc Saw Sync   
      P035   RumblRez/FixSync
      P036   RezSync/FixSync 
      P037   PWMod&SyncSweep2
      P038   PWMod&SyncSweep3
      P039   PWModSawSynSwep2
      P040   PWModSawSynSwep3
      P041   PWMod RezSweep 2
      P042   PWMod RezSweep 3
      P043   SawSyncLFOSweep2
      P044   Compilation by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Gunnar Amundson 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   pulsemod1c0     
      S002   pulsemod1d0     
      S003   pulsemod1f0     
      S004   pulsemod1a0     
      S005   pulsemod1c1     
      S006   pulsemod1d1     
      S007   pulsemod1f1     
      S008   pulsemod1a1     
      S009   pulsemod1c2     
      S010   pulsemod1d2     
      S011   pulsemod1f2     
      S012   pulsemod1a2     
      S013   pulsemod1c3     
      S014   pulsemod1d3     
      S015   pulsemod1f3     
      S016   pulsemod1a3     
      S017   newrsyncc2      
      S018   newrsyncd2      
      S019   newrsyncf2      
      S020   newrsynca2      
      S021   newrsyncc3      
      S022   newrsyncd3      
      S023   newrsyncf3      
      S024   newrsynca3      
      S025   newrsyncc4      
      S026   newrsyncd4      
      S027   newrsyncf       
      S028   sawsyncbc0      
      S029   sawsyncbf0      
      S030   sawsyncba0      
      S031   sawsyncbd1      
      S032   sawsyncbg1      
      S033   sawsyncbc2      
      S034   sawsyncbf2      
      S035   lfosyncc1       
      S036   lfosyncf1       
      S037   lfosynca1       
      S038   lfosyncd2       
      S039   lfosyncg2       
      S040   lfosyncc3       
      S041   rumblerezc0     
      S042   rumblerezf0     
      S043   rumblereza0     
      S044   rumblerezd1     
      S045   rumblerezg1     
      S046   rumblerezc2     
      S047   rezsync1c0      
      S048   rezsync1f0      
      S049   rezsync1a0      
      S050   rezsync1d1      
      S051   rezsync1g1      
      S052   rezsync1c2      
      S053   fixsyncdc0      
      S054   fixsyncdf0      
      S055   fixsyncda0      
      S056   fixsyncdd1      
      S057   fixsyncdg1      
      S058   fixsyncdc2      
      S059   fixsyncdf2      
      S060   fixsyncdb2      
      S061   fixsyncde3      
      S062   fixsyncda3      
      S063   analogbell3f2   
      S064   analogbell3b2   
      S065   analogbell3f3   
      S066   analogbell3b3   
      S067   analogbell3f4   
      S068   fmexprmnt1      
      S069   fmexprmnt2      

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B006   ARP Synths II   

      P000   OMNI Vla/Vln 1  
      P001   OMNI Vla/Vln 2  
      P002   OMNI Vla/Vln 3  
      P003   OMNI VerbStr 1  
      P004   OMNI VerbStr 2  
      P005   OMNI VerbStr 3  
      P006   OMNI Reeds 1    
      P007   OMNI Reeds 2    
      P008   OMNI VerbTrpt 1 
      P009   OMNI VerbTrpt 2 
      P010   Pulse Mod 1     
      P011   Pulse Mod 2     
      P012   Pulse Mod 3     
      P013   Pulse Mod&Reso  
      P014   New Sync 1      
      P015   New Sync 2      
      P016   New Sync 3      
      P017   New Sync 4      
      P018   New Sync 5 LEAD 
      P019   OMNI Reed:Sync  
      P020   70's SciFi ARP  
      P021   Compilation By:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   William Puckett 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   OMNI String D2  
      S002   OMNI String A2  
      S003   OMNI String E3  
      S004   OMNI String B3  
      S005   OMNI String F#4 
      S006   OMNI String C#5 
      S007   OMNIVERBStringD2
      S008   OMNIVERBStringA2
      S009   OMNIVERBStringE3
      S010   OMNIVERBStringB3
      S011   OMNIVERBStrngF#4
      S012   OMNIVERBStrngC#5
      S013   OMNIVERB Tpt D2 
      S014   OMNIVERB Tpt A2 
      S015   OMNIVERB Tpt E3 
      S016   OMNIVERB Tpt B3 
      S017   OMNIVERB Tpt F#4
      S018   OMNIVERB Tpt C#5
      S019   OMNI REEDS D2   
      S020   OMNI REEDS A2   
      S021   OMNI REEDS E3   
      S022   OMNI REEDS B3   
      S023   OMNI REEDS F#4  
      S024   OMNI REEDS C#5  
      S025   pulsemod2c0     
      S026   pulsemod2d0     
      S027   pulsemod2f0     
      S028   pulsemod2a0     
      S029   pulsemod2c1     
      S030   pulsemod2d1     
      S031   pulsemod2f1     
      S032   pulsemod2a1     
      S033   pulsemod2c2     
      S034   pulsemod2d2     
      S035   pulsemod2f2     
      S036   pulsemod2a2     
      S037   pulsemod2c3     
      S038   pulsemod2d3     
      S039   pulsemod2f3     
      S040   pulsemod2a3     
      S041   pulsemod2c4     
      S042   pulsemod2d4     
      S043   pulsemod2f4     
      S044   pulsemod2a4     
      S045   pulsemod2c5     
      S046   pulsemod2d5     
      S047   pulsemod2f5     
      S048   pulsemod2a5     
      S049   SyncSweepC0     
      S050   SyncSweepD#0    
      S051   SyncSweepF#0    
      S052   SyncSweepA0     
      S053   SyncSweepC1     
      S054   SyncSweepD#1    
      S055   SyncSweepF#1    
      S056   SyncSweepA1     
      S057   SyncSweepC2     
      S058   SyncSweepD#2    
      S059   SyncSweepF#2    
      S060   SyncSweepA2     
      S061   SyncSweepC3     
      S062   SyncSweepD#3    
      S063   SyncSweepF#3    
      S064   SyncSweepA3     

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B007   Moog Synths     

      P000   Herb's Moog     
      P001   Moog Bass 1     
      P002   Moog Bass 2     
      P003   Moog Bass 3     
      P004   Moog Bass 4     
      P005   Moog Bass 5     
      P006   Moog Lead 1     
      P007   Moog Bass 7     
      P008   Taurus Pedal    
      P009   Taurus 2 Much   
      P010   Taurus 6+4      
      P011   Taurus 4 Waves  
      P012   Micro Moog 2    
      P013   Mini Moog 1     
      P014   Kinky Moog      
      P015   Lil' Mini Moog  
      P016   Mini Moog 4     
      P017   Sleezy Moog     
      P018   Mini Moog Bass 1
      P019   Moog Bass 6     
      P020   Moogs Lowfat?   
      P021   SPR Moog Brass  
      P022   Dweee Brass     
      P023   Rezilla 1       
      P024   Rezilla 2       
      P025   Mem Moog Str 0  
      P028   Mem Moog Str 1  
      P029   Mem Moog Str 2  
      P030   Mem Moog Str 3  
      P031   Mem Moog Str 4  
      P032   Mem Moog Str 5  
      P033   Mem Moog Str 6  
      P034   Compilation by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   William Puckett 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   HJ Moog D#0     
      S002   HJ Moog A0      
      S003   HJ Moog D#1     
      S004   HJ Moog A1      
      S005   HJ Moog D#2     
      S006   HJ Moog A2      
      S007   Moog Bass 1     
      S008   Moog Bass 2     
      S009   Moog Bass 3     
      S010   Moog Bass 4     
      S011   Moog Bass 1 G1  
      S012   Moog Bass 1 D2  
      S013   Moog Bass 1 A2  
      S014   Moog Lead 2 G1  
      S015   Moog Lead 2 D2  
      S016   Moog Lead 7 G1  
      S017   Moog Lead 7 D2  
      S018   Moog Lead 7 A2  
      S019   MT D#2  Shrt    
      S020   Taurus4A1       
      S021   Taurus4A1+36    
      S022   Taurus6G0       
      S023   Taurus3C0       
      S024   Taurus3C0+36    
      S025   Micro Moog G1   
      S026   Micro Moog D2   
      S027   Moog 1 D#0      
      S028   Moog 1 A#0      
      S029   Moog 1 D#1      
      S030   Moog 1 A#1      
      S031   Moog 1 D#2      
      S032   Moog 1 A#2      
      S033   Mini Moog 2 C2  
      S034   Mini Moog 3 C1  
      S035   Mini Moog 4 C1  
      S036   Mini Moog 5 G2  
      S037   Mini Moog 5 D3  
      S038   Mini Moog 5 A3  
      S039   Mini Moog 5 E4  
      S040   Mini Moog 5 B4  
      S041   Mini Moog 6 G1  
      S042   Mini Moog 6 D2  
      S043   Mini Moog 6 A2  
      S044   Mini Moog 6 E3  
      S045   Mini Moog 6 B3  
      S046   Mini Moog 6 F#4 
      S047   TE MoogBass1G1  
      S048   TE MoogBass1D2  
      S049   TE MoogBass1A2  
      S050   TE Taurus4A1    
      S051   TE MoogLead2D2  
      S052   Orson Brass C5  
      S053   Dos Moogs G1    
      S054   Dos Moogs G2    
      S055   Dos Moogs G3    
      S056   Dos Moogs G4    
      S057   Dos Moogs G5    
      S058   memoogbrassc1   
      S059   memoogbrassdx1  
      S060   memoogbrassfx1  
      S061   memoogbrassa1   
      S062   memoogbrassc2   
      S063   memoogbrassdx2  
      S064   memoogbrassfx2  
      S065   memoogbrassa2   
      S066   memoogbrassc3   
      S067   memoogbrassdx3  
      S068   memoogbrassfx3  
      S069   memoogbrassa3   
      S070   memoogbrassc4   
      S071   memoogbrassdx4  
      S072   MeMoog Brass F#4
      S073   MeMoog Brass C4 
      S074   Orson Brass C1  
      S075   Orson Brass C2  
      S076   Orson Brass C3  
      S077   Orson Brass C4  

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B008   OB Synths       

      P000   Basic OBX Voice 
      P001   OBX Knives      
      P002   OBX Filter      
      P003   OBX Strings     
      P004   Matrix 12 #1    
      P005   Matrix 12 #14   
      P006   Matrix 12 #24   
      P007   Matrix 12 #17   
      P008   M12 Lead 2      
      P009   M12 Lead 1      
      P010   Basic OBX/Knife 
      P011   Basic OBX/Filter
      P012   BasicOBX/Strings
      P013   BasicOBX/Matrix1
      P014   BasicOBX/Matrx14
      P015   BasicOBX/Matrx24
      P016   BasicOBX/Matrx17
      P017   BasicOBX/M12 2  
      P018   BasicOBX/M12 1  
      P019   OBXKnives/Filter
      P020   OBXKnives/String
      P021   Knives/Matrix 1 
      P022   Knives/Matrix 14
      P023   Knives/Matrix 24
      P024   Knives/Matrix 17
      P025   Knives/M12Lead 2
      P026   Knives/M12Lead 1
      P027   OBXFiltr/Strings
      P028   OBXFiltr/Matrix1
      P029   OBXFiltr/Matrx14
      P030   OBXFiltr/Matrx24
      P031   OBXFiltr/Matrx17
      P032   OBXFilter/M12 2 
      P033   OBXFilter/ M12 1
      P034   OBXStrng/Matrix1
      P035   OBXStrng/Matrx14
      P036   OBXStrng/Matrx24
      P037   OBXStrng/Matrx17
      P038   OBXString/M12 2 
      P039   OBXString/M12 1 
      P040   Matrix 12 1 & 14
      P041   Matrix 12 1 & 24
      P042   Matrix 12 1 & 17
      P043   Matrix12 1/M12 2
      P044   Matrix12 1/M12 1
      P045   Matrix12 14 & 24
      P046   Matrix12 14 & 17
      P047   Matrx12 14/M12 2
      P048   Matrx12 14/M12 1
      P049   Matrx12 24 & 17 
      P050   Matrx12 24/M12 2
      P051   Matrx12 24/M12 1
      P052   Matrx12 17/M12 1
      P053   Matrx12 17/M12 2
      P054   M12 Lead 1 & 2  
      P055   Basic OBX Vox 2 
      P056   OBX Knives 2    
      P057   OBX Filter 2    
      P058   OBX Strings 2   
      P059   Matrix 12 #1b   
      P060   Matrix 12 #14b  
      P061   Matrix 12 #24b  
      P062   Matrix 12 #17b  
      P063   M12 Lead 2b     
      P064   M12 Lead 1b     
      P065   Compilatiom by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Gunnar Amundson 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   Basic OB A2     
      S002   Basic OB E3     
      S003   Basic OB B3     
      S004   Basic OB F#4    
      S005   Basic OB C#5    
      S006   OB Knife G1     
      S007   OB Knife D2     
      S008   OB Knife A2     
      S009   OB Knife E3     
      S010   OB Knife B3     
      S011   OB Knife F#4    
      S012   OB Knife C#5    
      S013   OB Filter G1    
      S014   OB Filter D2    
      S015   OB Filter A2    
      S016   OB Filter E3    
      S017   OB Filter B3    
      S018   OB Filter F#4   
      S019   OB Filter C#5   
      S020   OB Strings G1   
      S021   OB Strings D2   
      S022   OB Strings A2   
      S023   OB Strings E3   
      S024   OB Strings B3   
      S025   OB Strings F#4  
      S026   OB Strings C#5  
      S027   Matrix 12 /1.1a 
      S028   Matrix 12 /1.3a 
      S029   Matrix 12 /1.5a 
      S030   Matrix 12 /1.7a 
      S031   Matrix 12 /1.9a 
      S032   Matrix 12 /1.11a
      S033   Matrix 12 /1.13a
      S034   Matrix 12 /1.15a
      S035   Matrix 12 /1.17a
      S036   Dumby Sample    
      S037   MATRIX 12/14 F#1
      S038   MATRIX 12/14 C2 
      S039   MATRIX 12/14 D#2
      S040   MATRIX 12/14 F#2
      S041   MATRIX 12/14 C3 
      S042   MATRIX 12/14 F#3
      S043   MATRIX 12/14 C4 
      S044   MATRIX 12/14 F#4
      S045   MATRIX 12/14 C5 
      S046   MATRIX 12/24 C2 
      S047   MATRIX 12/24 F#2
      S048   MATRIX 12/24 C3 
      S049   MATRIX 12/24 F#3
      S050   MATRIX 12/24 C4 
      S051   MATRIX 12/24 F#4
      S052   MATRIX 12/24 C5 
      S053   MATRIX 12/17 C1 
      S054   MATRIX 12/17 D#2
      S055   MATRIX 12/17 C3 
      S056   MATRIX 12/C4    
      S057   MATRIX 12/17 C5 
      S058   M12 Lead 2 F#2  
      S059   M12 Lead 2 F#3  
      S060   M12 Lead 2 F#5  
      S061   M12 Lead 1 A3   
      S062   M12 Lead 1 A5   

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B009   Jupiter Synths  

      P000   JX Brass Rez    
      P001   Brass II        
      P002   Chime Chorus    
      P003   Synth Brass     
      P004   Sync Wah 1      
      P005   Juicy 1         
      P006   JP-6 Resonance  
      P007   JP-6 1 Pad      
      P008   JP8 Filters 1   
      P009   JP8 Pulse 1     
      P010   JP8 Sync 1      
      P011   JP8 Sweep1      
      P012   JP8 Sweep2      
      P013   JP8 Sync 2      
      P014   JP8 Sync 3      
      P015   JP8 Sync 4      
      P016   JP8 Pulse 2     
      P017   JP8 PulseTremolo
      P018   JP8 Filters 2   
      P019   JP-6 2 PAN      
      P020   Juicy 2 Stereo  
      P021   Sync Wah LFOecho
      P022   Synth Brass 2   
      P023   On The Rise     
      P024   JX Brass Rez+010
      P025   Compilation by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   William Puckett 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   JXBrass 1 C0    
      S002   JXBrass 1 E0    
      S003   JXBrass 1 G0    
      S004   JXBrass 1 C1    
      S005   JXBrass 1 E1    
      S006   JXBrass 1 G1    
      S007   JXBrass 1 C2    
      S008   JXBrass 1 E2    
      S009   JXBrass 1 G2    
      S010   JXBrass 1 C3    
      S011   JXBrass 1 E3    
      S012   JXBrass 1 G3    
      S013   JXBrass 1 C4    
      S014   JXBrass 1 E4    
      S015   JXBrass 1 G4    
      S016   JXBrass 1 C5    
      S017   JXBrass 2 C0    
      S018   JXBrass 2 G0    
      S019   JXBrass 2 C1    
      S020   JXBrass 2 G1    
      S021   JXBrass 2 C2    
      S022   JXBrass 2 G2    
      S023   JXBrass 2 C3    
      S024   JXBrass 2 G3    
      S025   JXBrass 2 C4    
      S026   JXBrass 2 G4    
      S027   JXChimeE0       
      S028   JXChimeB0       
      S029   JXChimeE1       
      S030   JXChimeB1       
      S031   JXChimeE2       
      S032   JXChimeB2       
      S033   JXBrass 3 C0    
      S034   JXBrass 3 G0    
      S035   JXBrass 3 C1    
      S036   JXBrass 3 G1    
      S037   JXBrass 3 C2    
      S038   JXBrass 3 G2    
      S039   JXBrass 3 C3    
      S040   JXBrass 3 G3    
      S041   JXBrass 3 C4    
      S042   JXBrass 3 G4    
      S043   JXBrass 3 C5    
      S044   SyncWahC0       
      S045   SyncWahG0       
      S046   SyncWahC1       
      S047   SyncWahG1       
      S048   SyncWahC2       
      S049   SyncWahG2       
      S050   SyncWahC3       
      S051   SyncWahG3       
      S052   SyncWahC4       
      S053   JuicyC0         
      S054   JuicyG0         
      S055   JuicyC1         
      S056   JuicyG1         
      S057   JuicyC2         
      S058   JuicyG2         
      S059   JuicyC3         
      S060   JuicyG3         
      S061   Jup6Pre1C0      
      S062   Jup6Pre1G0      
      S063   Jup6Pre1C1      
      S064   Jup6Pre1G1      
      S065   Jup6Pre1C2      
      S066   Jup6Pre1G2      
      S067   Jup6Pre1C3      
      S068   Jup6Pre1G3      
      S069   Jup6Pre1C4      
      S070   Jup6 BuzzPad C0 
      S071   Jup6 BuzzPad G0 
      S072   Jup6 BuzzPad C1 
      S073   Jup6 BuzzPad G1 
      S074   Jup6 BuzzPad C2 
      S075   Jup6 BuzzPad G2 
      S076   Jup6 BuzzPad C3 
      S077   Jup6 BuzzPad G3 
      S078   Jup6 BuzzPad C4 
      S079   jup8filtf1      
      S080   jup8filtf1+36   
      S081   jup8pulsc1      
      S082   jup8pulsf1      
      S083   jup8pulsc2      
      S084   jup8pulsf2      
      S085   jup8pulsc3      
      S086   jup8pulsf3      
      S087   jup8pulsc4      
      S088   jup8syncc3      
      S089   jup8syncc3+36   
      S090   jup8sweepc1     
      S091   jup8sweepc2     
      S092   jup8sweepc3     
      S093   jup8sweepc4     

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B010   Juno Synths     

      P000   Poly Synth      
      P001   Seq Bass        
      P002   Low Strings     
      P003   Juno Sweep Bass 
      P004   Velo Reso 1     
      P005   PolySyn/Seq Bass
      P006   PolySynth/String
      P007   PolySynSweepBass
      P008   PolySyn/VeloRez1
      P009   SweepBass/VelRez
      P010   Seq / Sweep Bass
      P011   SeqBass/VeloRez1
      P012   StringsSweepBass
      P013   QBass w/RtWhl FC
      P014   Slow Poly Synth 
      P015   Slow Synth Sweep
      P016   Slow Strings    
      P017   SlowStringsSweep
      P018   Poly Synth Oct  
      P019   Seq Bass Octave 
      P020   Low Strings Oct 
      P021   JunoSweepBassOct
      P022   SweepBass w/LFO 
      P023   SeqBassOct w/Q  
      P024   LFO Sweeper     
      P025   SeqSweepBass w/Q
      P026   Compilation by:>
      P096   Frederick D. Joy
      P097   Presets by: >   
      P098   Gunnar Amundson 
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   junopolysync1   
      S002   junopolysyne1   
      S003   junopolysyng1   
      S004   junopolysync2   
      S005   junopolysyne2   
      S006   junopolysyng2   
      S007   junopolysync3   
      S008   junopolysyne3   
      S009   junopolysyng3   
      S010   junopolysync4   
      S011   junopolysyne4   
      S012   junopolysyng4   
      S013   junopolysync5   
      S014   junopolysyne5   
      S015   junopolysyng5   
      S016   Sine Wave E4    

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B011   Classic Guitars 

      P000   Paul Bass       
      P001   Open Picked Bass
      P002   JS Funk P-Bass  
      P003   Oct Harmonics   
      P004   Dry Guitar      
      P005   Open Strat Mono 
      P006   Strat Mutes     
      P007   Rockman Strat   
      P008   Vintage Guitar  
      P009   Pink Guitar     
      P010   Jones Elec.Sitar
      P011   JP8 12 String   
      P012   RockDXman Synth 
      P013   Bantu           
      P014   Mondo Guitars   
      P015   Mondo Feedback  
      P016   Pedal Steel CFG 
      P017   Pedal Steel DGA 
      P018   Pedal Steel EAB 
      P019   Pedal Steel FA#C
      P020   Pedal Steel GCD 
      P021   Pedal Steel ADE 
      P022   Pedal Steel BEF#
      P023   Surf Guitar I   
      P024   Surf Guitar II  
      P025   Psycadelic Sitar
      P026   Surf Verb       
      P051   Hawiian Verb    
      P052   Compilation & > 
      P097   Presets By: >   
      P098   Frederick D. Joy
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   Hard Finger E1  
      S002   Hard Finger A#2 
      S003   Hard Finger D3  
      S004   Hard Finger G4  
      S005   Picked E1       
      S006   Picked A#2      
      S007   Picked D3       
      S008   Picked G4       
      S009   JS Bass #5 G1   
      S010   JS Pop #2 G1    
      S011   JS Bass #8 A#1  
      S012   JS Pop #2 C2    
      S013   JS Bass #5 C2   
      S014   JS Bass #8 D2   
      S015   JS Pop #2 F3    
      S016   JS Bass #8 G3   
      S017   JS Pop #3 G3    
      S018   JS Bass #9 B3   
      S019   JS Pop #4 C3    
      S020   JS Bass #8 C4   
      S021   JS Bass #9 E4   
      S022   JS Pop #4 F4    
      S023   JS Pop #4 A#4   
      S024   JS Harm #2 E1   
      S025   JS Harm #2 A2   
      S026   JS Harm #2 D3   
      S027   JS Harm #2 G4   
      S028   Dry Guitar E1   
      S029   Dry Guitar A1   
      S030   Dry Guitar D2   
      S031   Dry Guitar G2   
      S032   Dry Guitar B2   
      S033   Dry Guitar E3   
      S034   Dry Guitar A3   
      S035   Dave's Strat E1 
      S036   Dave's Strat A1 
      S037   Dave's Strat D2 
      S038   Dave's Strat G2 
      S039   Dave's Strat B2 
      S040   Dave's Strat E3 
      S041   Dave's Strat A3 
      S042   Cln Strat Mut E1
      S043   Cln Strat Mut A1
      S044   Cln Strat Mut D2
      S045   Cln Strat Mut G2
      S046   Cln Strat Mut B2
      S047   Cln Strat Mut E3
      S048   Cln Strat Mut A3
      S049   Rock Strat F1   
      S050   Rock Strat A2   
      S051   Rock Strat A3   
      S052   Rock Strat E4   
      S053   Rock Strat C5   
      S054   Rock Strat A5   
      S055   KM Guitar E1    
      S056   KM Guitar A1    
      S057   KM Guitar D2    
      S058   KM Guitar G2    
      S059   KM Guitar B2    
      S060   KM Guitar E3    
      S061   KM Guitar A3    
      S062   Pink Fret F1    
      S063   Pink Fret A#1   
      S064   Pink Fret D#2   
      S065   Pink Fret G#2   
      S066   Pink Fret C3    
      S067   Pink Fret F3    
      S068   elsitarg1       
      S069   elsitarc2       
      S070   elsitarf2       
      S071   elsitara2       
      S072   elsitard3       
      S073   elsitarg3       
      S074   elsitarb3       
      S075   elsitare4       
      S076   elsitara4       
      S077   jup8atkf5       
      S078   RockDXman E1    
      S079   RockDXman A#1   
      S080   RockDXman E2    
      S081   RockDXman A#2   
      S082   RockDXman E3    
      S083   RockDXman A#3   
      S084   RockDXmam E4    
      S085   Bantu G1        
      S086   Bantu D2        
      S087   Bantu A2        
      S088   Monster Gtr E1  
      S089   Monster Gtr A1  
      S090   Monster Gtr D2  
      S091   Monster Gtr G2  
      S092   Monster Gtr B2  
      S093   Monster Gtr E3  
      S094   FBack E1        
      S095   FBack A1        
      S096   FBack D2        
      S097   FBack G2        
      S098   FBack B2        
      S099   FBack E3        

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B012   Chapman Stick   

      P000   Stick/Clean/Chrs
      P001   Stick/Frets/Chrs
      P002   Stick/Dirty/Chrs
      P003   Stick/Fuzzy/Chrs
      P004   Stick/Fuzzy/Chrs
      P005   Stick Combo I   
      P006   Stick Combo II  
      P007   Stick Combo III 
      P008   Stick Combo IV  
      P009   Stick Combo V   
      P010   Stick Combo VI  
      P011   Stick-Bass/Clean
      P012   Stick-Bass/Frets
      P013   Stick-Bass/Dirty
      P014   Stick-Bass/Fuzzy
      P015   Stick-Treb/Fuzzy
      P016   Stick/Clean/Echo
      P017   Stick/Frets/Echo
      P018   Stick/Dirty/Echo
      P019   Stick/Fuzzy/Echo
      P020   Stick/Fuzzy/Echo
      P021   Stick/Cln/Eco/Vb
      P022   Stick/Frt/Eco/Vb
      P023   Stick/Drt/Eco/Vb
      P024   Stick/Fuz/Eco/Vb
      P025   Stick/Fuz/Eco/Vb
      P026   Stick Verb 1    
      P051   Stick Verb 2    
      P052   Compilation & > 
      P097   Presets By: >   
      P098   Frederick D. Joy
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   stickd1a        
      S002   sticka1a        
      S003   sticke2a        
      S004   stickb2a        
      S005   sticka1b        
      S006   sticke2b        
      S007   stickb2b        
      S008   stickd1c        
      S009   sticka1c        
      S010   sticke2c        
      S011   stickb2c        
      S012   stickd1d        
      S013   sticka1d        
      S014   sticke2d        
      S015   stickb2d        
      S016   stickf3d        
      S017   stickg3e        
      S018   stickc4e        
      S019   stickf4e        
      S020   sticka4e        
      S021   stickd4e        

    F000   Designed by S&M.   B013   Electro Perc    

      P000   TR-808          
      P001   Dr Rhythmn      
      P002   Pro 5 Percussion
      P003   EH Clap Track   
      P004   Juno Drums      
      P005   PPG Boom        
      P006   PPG Boom Big Eco
      P007   Electro Drum    
      P008   Electro Drum Eco
      P009   Mr Science      
      P010   Big Science     
      P011   Computer Science
      P012   DualingComputers
      P013   PPG Funhouse    
      P014   Clap-On-Clap-Off
      P015   Mr Whythm Pan   
      P016   Techno Thang    
      P017   Cool Thing      
      P018   MetaMerg        
      P019   Crazy Toyz      
      P020   Oddy Nocky      
      P021   Bio-Electro     
      P022   Ambiosis        
      P023   P5snare/Electro 
      P024   Sapu Jugad      
      P025   Industry Prophet
      P026   Science Fair    
      P027   TR-808 SansVelo 
      P028   DrRhyth SansVelo
      P029   P5 Perc SansVelo
      P030   EH Clap SansVelo
      P031   JunoDrumSansVelo
      P032   PPGBoom SansVelo
      P033   PPGBoomBigEco SV
      P034   ElDrum SansVelo 
      P035   ElDrumEco SanVel
      P036   Compilation by:>
      P095   Frederick D. Joy
      P096   Presets by: >   
      P097   William Puckett&
      P098   Frederick D. Joy
      P099   E-muSystems,1994

      S001   DR Kick 1       
      S002   DR Kick 2       
      S003   DR Kick 3       
      S004   DR Snare 1      
      S005   DR Snare 2      
      S006   DR Snare 3      
      S007   DR Rim 1        
      S008   DR Rim 2        
      S009   DR Rim 3        
      S010   DR Hat 1        
      S011   DR Hat 2        
      S012   DR Snare FX 1   
      S013   DR Snare FX 2   
      S014   DR Hat 3        
      S015   Rap Kick        
      S016   P5 Snare        
      S017   Noise ThangY    
      S018   Clap Track 1    
      S019   Dink            
      S020   Pop1            
      S021   Electrocution 1 
      S022   Electrocution 2 
      S023   Electrocution 3 
      S024   Electro 4       
      S025   Electro 5       
      S026   Electro 6       
      S027   Sci-Fi 1        
      S028   Sci-Fi 2        
      S029   Sci-Fi 3        
      S030   Computer Sample 
      S031   Cyclotron       
      S032   Refer Unit      

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