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The DAZU project

Digitales ArchivierungsZentrum für Ulm und Umgebung

Abstract on a project from 1998


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Objective of the project

The DAZU project should answer the following questions:

Depending on the results of the analysis of the market potential of a DAZU service centre and based upon first experiences with digital imaging in the Department of Radiology of the University of Ulm, it should be worked towards a future practical implementation of a DAZU.


First, available technologies were analysed. The WWW was searched for material on this topic. A survey among potential users of a digital archiving centre was conducted in the city of Ulm and the surrounding area to examine the current situation in image production and archiving and their interest in a digital solution. From the collected data, a complex model was generated to examine costs and benefits of a move towards digital technology. As it can be adapted to future developments, this model can be of continued value even after the end of the project.

After a final meeting in January 1999, the participating parties concluded to consider further steps to implement a DAZU based on the results of the project.

Project report and scenario modelling worksheets

Aside from a detailed report, the project resulted in a complex set of electronic worksheets. Based on real-life data collected during the project, they allow the user to model detailed scenarios according to the local situation in any given practice, hospital or large clinic. These scenarios can take into account different strategies of data acquisition, storage and communication, necessary staff and software as well as the last market prices for computer hardware. They also cover varying examination rates, attitudes against doing radiologic examinations and so on.

Comparing the situation after the move against the current one, they account for spendings for film, chemicals, quality assurance, storage and handling and disposal of conventional media.

After the end of the project, these worksheets contain about 200 different scenarios. Used by experts and kept up to date with technologic advances, the model can support strategic decisions addressing the large-scale concept of a DAZU service centre. On the "receiving end", scenarios can be tailor-made to reflect the situation of any one individual end-user (or DAZU customer), giving him a precise forecast on what he has to invest and what he can expect from that.

Current results

Right after completion, the project suggested (more than) the following:

Sponsors and sources of further information

The project was initiated by PD Dr. med. Roman Sokiranski, Radiology Department of the University of Ulm, Germany. After initial contributions from a third party, the project was re-designed and completed by Dr. med. Jörg Sigle under Dr. Sokiranskis supervision.

The project was sponsored by (in alphabetical order):

We wish to thank our sponsors for their generous support.

According to our agreement with the sponsors, you can receive further information on the project from the sources listed here. A detailed project report is to be published later in the year.


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