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Jörg Sigle's

Hyperlink Collection

to medical and other sites


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This page...

...contains a collection of hyperlinks to sites which I find interesting.

It is divided into different sections covering different topics; and of course, it is designed to change (given I find some time to care for it...).

Most links in the first few sections, sadly, are historic and reference sites which the WWW has already forgotten. Links listed further to the bottom, however, point to medical journals and other sources of information and do still work.

Please note: Visible already in the - certainly known to many people - description of the "scribes" in the Bible, it may appear quite unexpected and strange, what people who make other peoples' money in the field of the so named "jurisdiction" may think regarding questions concerning real life. The Bible also shows that it is not important whether the scribes' opinion be objectively correct or plausible - if they come up with any idea, it is just dangerous not to carefully observe their insights.

As the "scribes" have now bothered with the content of files, which are stored on some computers, from where people or machines can acquire copies of these files, they are apparently of the opinion that they need to dictate what is contained in such files. The scribes also know which thoughts of other persons an author of such files "adopts" (whatever that means, but as the payment of some scribes is governed by the value of a cause, we'd rather expect it to be something expensive), and they also know what he would support even if it were against the law. They know everything, even (or especially when) the author does not provide any statement about anything like that at all - if the author only ever gives any reference to any single other file, be it directly, or indirectly via other files. And the knowledge of the scribes about the author's opinion and intention also includes all possible changes of any referenced file that may occur in the future or may have occured in the past, and all the billions of other files to which any of the referenced files may point, directly, or via any other file as well. If anywhere in the WWW (or in other gruel spaces said to exist in the Internet) any reference should exist to any forbidden and highly dangerous book in any library of the world - or even more horrifying: to any common phrase or a childrens' song improved by addition of a "TM" or "(C)" - and if any reference from a file of an author should point to that place even after 1.000 steps - the scribes may still be very sure, at least whenever they do especially carefully judge, that such a finding can support the raid of one's home, seizure of equipment, observation, imprisonment, and other expensive action to protect the community. As far as links in the WWW are concerned, the idea that guilt (even more: malicious intention) should be proven before it can be penalized, has obviously been abandoned as well as any other aspect of causality and adequacy.

So far, so bad. To guard myself from undesired effects of such IMHO quite strange persuasions of our contemporary scribes, which probably exist given some recent events, I'm afraid I have to formally point out that I do not adopt (whatever that means) nor accept the content of any WWW site referenced below as substantiated by myself, that I don't check the content of these sites, and that any reader (man or machine) follows these links at their own risk. I want to make it especially clear for the case that, should any of the links in my files, or any link in the whole WWW, or any reference in any terrestrial or extra-terrestial piece of information, now, or at any time in the past, or at any time in the future, directly, or via any number of indirect steps, point to any file which might be illegal in any country due to any legal regulation, or merely morally, culturally, or religiously questionable, or designed using the wrong colours or the wrong editor, it is definitely not my intention to endorse or to further any such activities or findings.

Should any part of this statements be invalid (e.g. due to a far too broad conception, "outdated" orthography, missing translation into all European languages or into all languages of the Universe), this shall not invalidate all of the statement, but merely shall the individual invalid part be termed void, whereas any other parts which may be advantageous for me shall remain in effect.

Should you be of the opinion that this declaration were void because it were not in written form (however you might derive that opinion, and whether I would think that were a strange opinion, but be assured that there are people around who would share it anyway), you may either print this file for yourself or request a printed version from me against reimbursement of my expenses for time and ressources.

Well, sorry. Apparently you just have to write such declarations if you can't otherwise protect yourself from people, who apparently focus on how to make money with "Jurisdiction", "Politics" and "Security", and have occupied posts and positions with public legitimation for that purpose.

Happy browsing!


Prima pars:

Home, sweet home...


Jörg's Homepage

This is the place where dwells
my spirit in the web... :-)

The city of Ulm

Certainly, there are some discrepancies between the opinions of the city council and myself in regard of the necessary number of traffic signs and other things. -
Maybe, I will write an essay on that topic later. However, I think you should be able to get an impression of the area around here now.

The University of Ulm

Riding on a bus from the city, I was surprised when it unexpectedly appeared out of the forest green.
It was a beautiful summer day, and as I liked the forest, I liked the glass and concrete buildings, a "small" University, at first sight.
Since then, I've learnt many things, and these buildings have become the homes of many feelings which may revive when I visit them...


Secunda pars:

More about the Quality-of-Life-Recorder...


Jörg Sigle's Quality-of-Life-Recorder featuring AnyQuest for Windows

This site covers quality of life measurement. Together with much information about the Quality-of-Life-Recorder, it contains the most recent evaluation version of the software for free download. Further, it contains questionnaire definition files, literature references, original literature, user reports and links to questionnaire developers' sites.

Computers in Mental Health
Computers in Mental Health
The Quality-of-Life-Recorder at Computers in Mental Health

This site contains a lot of information about computer use in the field of mental health, covering software, literature and hyperlinks.

TechPsych 2000
TechPsych 2000
The Quality-of-Life-Recorder at TechPsych 2000

This site was prepared to be presented at the Inauguration of the President of the United States on the 20.01.1997.
It contains a quick survey of World Wide Web pages on technology applied to mental health.
Among these pages, there is one about the Quality-of-Life-Recorder.

BioTechnologie ulm
BioTechnologie ulm
BioTechnologie ulm / Wirtschaft / Medizintechnik

This German site was prepared for the BioRegio Wettbewerb in 1996.
It contains information about the region around the city of Ulm, Germany, including scientific work as well as profiles of companies active in this area.
As all pages were originally prepared for a presentation on specific intranet hardware during an exhibition in Bonn, the site contains much image material. It is best viewed using a fast Internet link in a browser window of about 640•480 pixels. The second hyperlink given directs you to a page from where you can visit frames related to the Quality-of-Life-Recorder.


Tertia pars:

Links to sites with links to this site...


European Society for Vascular Surgery
A collection of other sites provided by the ESVS


Quarta pars:

More Quality of Life...



The homepage of the European Organisation for Reasearch and Treatment of Cancer in Brussels.
The EORTC Study Group on Quality of Life designed the EORTC QLQ-C30 quality of life questionnaire and a number of modules.

SF-36 and SF-12

The homepage of the SF-36 and SF-12 quality of life questionnaires.


Quinta pars:



World Health Organisation - WHO

The Cochrane library

Cancernet - Homepage

Cancernet - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database

NCI CancerNet - via server of the University of Bonn
(Partly translated, but possibly less up to date than the original above)

SIAK - Swiss Institute for Applied Cancer Research

äzq - Ärztliche Zentralstelle für Qualitätssicherung

"Doctor's-Info-Service" - Gateway to Guidelines, Patient Infos, TQM in Healthcare

NCI CancerNet - Database Main Index (from the server of the University of Bonn)

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Virtual Hospital

The Junk Science Home Page


UBC - St. Paul's HIV Pages

Parkinson's Disease Research Web Overview

Parkinson's Disease Learning Center (Thanks, C.)

The Parkinson's Web (dead link, 20090928)

Health & Medical Informatics Digest (dead link, 20090928)


Sexta pars:

Literature: Journals, Papers, Books...


Bandolier Evidence Based Health Journal

BMJ on-line

British Journal of General Practice on-line

Cancer Causes and Control

International Journal of General Practice and Primary Care

Journal of Image Guided Surgery

Lancet on-line

Primary Care Informatics Journal

Quality of Life Research

Western Journal of Medicine


Septima pars:

WWW Services...




A number of interlinked medical sites, including this one.

Alta Vista

A search engine.

Starting Point

A search engine.


A search engine.


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